Department of Physics

Information for secondary students

Thinking about Physics? We can help you step into a world of discovery from the Big Bang through to future technologies.

We can offer mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, waves and modern topics such as quantum physics. There is optoelectronics, lasers, electronics and astronomy. What about geophysics? That includes meteorology, wind profiling, marine and ocean science and global geophysics.

  • Why you need to plan ahead

    Entry requirements for Physics mean you need to make decisions about the subjects you take at high school.

  • Information for future undergraduates

    Find out what we can offer you with study options, facilities and resources, and career advice.

  • Careers

    Physics opens doors to a whole world of job opportunities from industrial research, medical physics and astrophysics to exploration geophysics, water resource management and oceanography.

  • Could this be your future?

    We are conducting ground breaking research from fundamental particle physics to advanced technologies. Dip into our research showcase to see where you might go.

  • Student blog, social media and videos

    The blog, mobile app, Facebook, The Inside Word and our YouTube channel.

  • Parents and family

    Information for you and your family, including details of when our Schools Partnership Office team will visit somewhere near you or what events you can attend.

  • Contact us

    If you have further questions you can contact our advisers in the Science Student Centre.