Welcome to the Department of Physics

The University of Auckland is home to New Zealand's largest Department of Physics. Our students and scientists explore the fundamental properties of the physical world, and tackle problems ranging from searching for planets around other stars to developing new medical imaging devices and laser technologies.

Understanding quantum computing

Quantum computers are extremely complex machines that challenge almost everything we know about computing. Join our Gibbons Lectures' speakers as they delve into this fascinating topic on 8, 15, 22 and 29 May.

Meet our graduates

Department of Physics students pursue a wide variety of careers. Meet our graduates and find out how studying physics led them to jobs in optoelectronics and developing policy to teaching and much more.

Why the black hole photo is such a big deal

Opinion: The human story of research behind the scenes of the world’s first ever image of a black hole is in itself amazing, writes astrophysicist Dr JJ Eldridge.