Department of Physics

Welcome to the Department of Physics

The University of Auckland is home to New Zealand's largest Department of Physics. Our students and scientists explore the fundamental properties of the physical world, and tackle problems ranging from searching for planets around other stars to developing new medical imaging devices and laser technologies.

  • Introducing The Auckland Lablet
    20 July 2015
    The Auckland Lablet was created by the Department of Physics and is used by physics students and their teachers in laboratory classes.
  • Einstein, Time, and Light
    25 November 2015
    View a full-noise, whistles and bells presentation on the subject of super-cooling lasers and atomic clocks by Nobel Laureate Professor William Phillips.
  • Pioneering young physicist wins NZAS Research Medal
    19 November 2015
    Scientific discoveries in miniature optics that could result in ultra-accurate clocks, and advanced research in fibre optic loops has earned Associate Professor Stéphane Coen of the University of Auckland Department of Physics this year’s Research Medal from the New Zealand Association of Scientists.
  • NZ and the Laws of Outer Space
    14 October 2015
    As the world economy spreads into space, international law is becoming increasingly important. And yet New Zealand has no domestic law in place to reflect our obligations as signatories to international agreements.
  • Rutherford Fellowships announced
    17 September 2015
    The Hon Steven Joyce announced 12 new Rutherford Fellowships today. Seven of the new fellows will be based at the University of Auckland and four within the Faulty of Science.
  • How to make an impact with your research: Insights from a former editor of Nature journal (Science Event Tags) Event as iCalendar
    02 February 2016, 11am
    In this seminar, Dr Dan Csontos from Elevate Scientific (Science communications consultancy based in Sweden), shares his insight into editorial processes, outlining the key strategies needed to become published in top-ranked journals, and discusses broader issues related to writing research papers that make an impact no matter where they are published.
  • Einstein, Time, and Light (science_news, Physics, Science Event Tags) Event as iCalendar
    25 November 2015, 7pm
    Einstein’s insights into light have changed how we think about time. Today, the best primary ultracold atom clocks achieve accuracy of better than a second in 300 million years. Come hear how these amazing, super-accurate clocks are essential to industry, commerce, and science, and how they form the heart of modern GPS technology.