Welcome to the Department of Physics

The University of Auckland is home to New Zealand's largest Department of Physics. Our students and scientists explore the fundamental properties of the physical world, and tackle problems ranging from searching for planets around other stars to developing new medical imaging devices and laser technologies.

What's on

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Shaun Hendy's flight free 2018

Professor Shaun Hendry has vowed to be "kinder to our climate" by swapping planes for trains this year. He wants to set an example to others with his one-man campaign, dubbed #nofly2018.

Life, the universe and everything

Is our universe part of a larger multiverse? What types of planets circle circle other stars in the galaxy? Professor Richard Easter talks about the work of Te Ao Mārama, a new centre asking the big questions in science.

  • Faculty of Science Postdoctoral Society
    09 March 2018
    The Postdoctoral Society is going from strength to strength since their inaugural research symposium in 2016.
  • Travelling the universe with Richard Easther
    18 January 2018
    In this four-part summer series join Professor Richard Easther as he talks to Radio NZ about travelling to Mars and Pluto, getting close to a black hole and time-travelling back to the Big Bang.
  • Science made simple: binary stars
    06 January 2018
    Dr JJ Elridge studies binary stars by creating numerical models to understand what happens when the two stars interact. He talks to the NZ Herald's Jamie Morton about what's involved in his work.
  • Science made simple: lasers
    03 January 2018
    Professor Cather Simpson studies how substances convert light energy into more useful forms. She talks to the NZ Herald's Jamie Morton about applying intellectual exploration values to practical entrepreneurship, and more.
  • Being an ally (Women in Science) Event as iCalendar
    29 March 2018, 4 - 5pm
    Join the Women in Science Network to hear Dr Dion O’Neale give some background to what it means to be an ally, the benefits it can bring, and some potential pitfalls associated with it.