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Physics is fascinating. Whether it is atoms or universes, theory or practice, commerce or research, physics underpins our world. It is in mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, waves and quantum physics. There is optoelectronics, laser physics, electronics and the search for near-galaxy planets. Geophysics includes meteorology, wind profiling, marine and ocean science and global geophysics.

Physicists are problem solvers. They are astute, capable people with inventive minds who see possibilities from the sub-atomic to the entire universe. They often lead the way in research, government, commerce and industry because they are able, knowledgeable and experts in their fields.

If you have an aptitude for physics, study and research, we can give you the right combination of knowledge, practical competencies and subject customisation to take you to the worlds of research, teaching, industry, government, media, medicine or law. When you add a specialisation, we can help you move into chemistry, medicine and engineering, or hybrids such as geophysics and astrophysics.

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    Here are 10 good reasons to study Physics at the University of Auckland.

  • Undergraduate study options

    We offer a Foundation Certificate, BSc and GradDipSci majors in Physics and Geophysics, and BTech specialisations in Optoelectronics and Medical Physics and Imaging Technology. We also offer courses for students wishing to add some physics to their skillset.

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    Find out how to start your physics studies at the University of Auckland.

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    Each year, the University awards scholarships and prizes worth more than NZ$20 million to thousands of students. Find out about scholarships to support you and awards to recognise your achievements.

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    Where can you take a physics qualification? Almost anywhere. Find out what's in store for you.

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    So many decisions to make. Our advisers can help you decide on your course of study.

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    Find out why our students choose to study with us and what they say about the experience.

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    Information about purpose-built teaching and learning facilities and resources.

  • Our research

    Take a look at where physics can take you – from fundamental particle physics to the development of advanced technologies. This is our research showcase.