Department of Physics

Health and safety

The University of Auckland has many health and safety mandates in place to ensure your well being. For tips and advice on keeping yourself safe read here.

All laboratory users follow health and safety rules and are urged to adopt high levels of common sense and safety awareness when working.

Safety rules for the teaching and research laboratories are:

  • wear shoes that protect your feet
  • bring your own laboratory handbook, pens, pencils and electronic calculator
  • read the safety notice in the laboratory handbook for each experiment, beforehand
  • do not run in the labs, throw objects, or behave in a manner which is likely to distract or disrupt other laboratory users
  • switch your cellular phone off or on to silent to avoid disruption.

Safety Awareness

Report all injuries or sudden illnesses to a laboratory supervisor or technician.

If you are absent due to illness, get a doctor's note and present it to a laboratory supervisor to arrange a catch-up lab.


The building is locked after hours to prevent unauthorised access by the public. After hours access and exit is granted under exceptional circumstances to staff and students with an Indala swipe card. Anyone else seeking after hours entry or exit needs to call building security on extension 85000. If you are in the building after hours and see strangers in your lab, or people behaving threateningly, leave the lab and immediately call building security on 85000 or if no response the New Zealand Police on 111.

Equipment and materials are not to be taken or borrowed from laboratories without the expressed permission of laboratory technicians or supervisors.