Department of Physics

Our department

The Department of Physics is the largest physics department in New Zealand.

Physics provides our bedrock understanding of the natural world. Studying physics will help you tackle a vast range of problems and provides a pathway to a huge variety of jobs.

From 2017, our core Stage One courses are taught in the innovative Studio Format, which maximizes student achievement and provides a solid platform for success at Stage 2 and beyond.

The Bachelor of Science in Physics supports students with a wide variety of interests. Students seeking an advanced understanding of physics can proceed to the BSc(Hons), MSc and PhD in physics. Separately, the BSc in Physics provides the pathway to the BSc(Hons) Photonics and the BSc(Hons) Medical Physics and Imaging Technology degrees, which are focused on growing fields in the modern economy.

The department supports students in many other disciplines including computer science, architecture, medicine, surveying and pharmacy, and students pursing degrees in Geophysics (BSc, BSc(Hons), MSc) will take a number of courses in physics.