Department of Physics

Department of Physics

Physics provides our bedrock understanding of the natural world. Studying physics allows you to develop a sound understanding of the physical world, helps you tackle a vast range of problems and provides a pathway to a huge variety of jobs.


Professor Richard Easther, Head of Department, Department of Physics
Professor Richard Easther

Our department is a fantastic place to study physics. We are the largest and best-ranked university Physics programme in New Zealand* and our expertise spans the entire world of physics and beyond.

Physics opens the door to a vast range of opportunities, and our vibrant research programme illustrates the topics tackled by physicists – and physics students.

We offer a comprehensive range of courses in Physics, and potential postgraduate specialisations in Geophysics, Medical Physics and Imaging Technologies and Photonics.

A Physics degree provides students with the skills they need to succeed, and our graduates are found in a host of interesting jobs in New Zealand and around the world.

Our students work in a friendly, supportive and stimulating environment and learn from some of New Zealand’s leading scientists and research-active teaching staff.

The variety of problems being tackled by the department’s researchers illustrates how physics underpins the natural world and biological systems.

University of Auckland physicists discover planets around distant stars, work on understanding the Earth's climate, probe the interior of volcanoes, and determine how bacterial colonies grow and thrive.

We use our knowledge to create new tools and technologies, build instruments to diagnose illnesses in living tissue, understand the earth’s changing climate, measure turbulent airflow around wind turbines, search for planets around distant stars, create powerful new laser technologies, understanding the connections between discoveries in particle physics and the Big Bang, and much, much more.

Whether your interest lies in pure physics or a multi-disciplinary field, we are happy to hear from prospective students.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about studying physics at the University of Auckland.

Professor Richard Easther
Head of Department

*See Rankings and reputation


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Physics is located in the Science Centre on the corner of Princes and Wellesley streets. If you need to contact us, you can do so by phone or email. If you have questions regarding enrolment, please contact or visit the Science Student Centre.

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The Department of Physics
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The Department of Physics 
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