In the Physical Acoustics Laboratory (PAL), we are interested in extracting information from scattered waves in heterogeneous media. Indoors, these waves are of ultrasonic frequencies, excited and detected with lasers. Outside, our waves are in the seismic frequency band.

Seismic Station AUCK is our home-built TC1 seismometer on campus

As our wavelengths span orders of magnitudes, so do our applications. Outside, we study CO2 sequestration and geothermal exploration, as well as micro-seismicity for fluid reservoir characterization. In the laboratory, we do rock physics in collaboration with the PORO lab, ice core tomography, and medical imaging.

News & Announcements

  • More recognition for Sam’s research Already on a roll, Sam Hitchman entered the Faculty of Science postgraduate poster competition. His poster on laser ultrasonic investigations of apple ripeness was awarded “high distinction.” We congratulate Sam with this top-8 finish in a field of 65 posters in contention!
  • Jami wins Excite Summer School poster competition During the Summer school on biomedical imaging organised by Excite in Zurich, Jami has won the student poster competition for her work on Gas Coupled Laser Acoustic Detection (GCLAD). It was an SPIE student travel award  and a Dodd-Wall Centre travel award that helped her attend the meeting. Congratulations to Jami on the plethora of ...
  • Sam’s thesis in three minutes Sam Hitchman has placed second in the university’s 3 Minute Thesis Competition, for a three minute presentation of his work on laser ultrasound on apples. The award is proof of Sam’s impressive versatility that ranges from the technical aspects in the lab, to his abilities to communicate his exciting research. Congratulations from all the PALs, ...

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