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In the Physical Acoustics Laboratory (PAL), we are interested in extracting information from scattered waves in heterogeneous media. Indoors, these waves are of ultrasonic frequencies, excited and detected with lasers. Outside, our waves are in the seismic frequency band.

Seismic Station AUCK is our home-built TC1 seismometer on campus

As our wavelengths span orders of magnitudes, so do our applications. Outside, we study CO2 sequestration and geothermal exploration, as well as micro-seismicity for fluid reservoir characterization. In the laboratory, we do rock physics, ice core tomography, and medical imaging.

News & Announcements

  • Sam’s LDV is now officially OS! Sam Hitchman‘s project on developing a laser Doppler vibrometer (LDV) has been published in the European Journal of Physics! This paper lays out the detailed workings, parts, and the design of this device as an open-source (OS) hardware project to measure particle velocities in a non-contacting way. We hope this paper will be the starting ...
  • Prabhat is off to Cambridge, UK! Prabhat Shrestha has embarked on a new adventure with the Schlumberger Gould Research, in Cambridge (UK), after handing in his MSc thesis on microseismic event relocation. It has been a great privilege to have Prabhat in our group. We are proud of all he has accomplished and wish him all the best in England!
  • Evan Rust came, saw and conquered This (kiwi) Summer, we were lucky enough to have Evan Rust from Boise join the PALs. Evan designed and developed a scanning system for our lasers, and implemented this into our data acquisition system, based on the PLACE open-source acquisition software suite. This ends a year-long work/holiday programme for Evan, and we wish him safe ...

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