The Janice Emens McAdam Department of Physics

Why you need to plan ahead

Thinking about studying physics? This is the time to start thinking about the high school courses you will need to gain entry.

Two students carrying out an experiment

Is a university education for me? Yes.

  • University is about learning new things on a career pathway with lots of options. That's one of the good things about physics - you can use your knowledge in dozens of different jobs around the world.
  • A university education gives you the freedom to choose your job or career. It gives you control.
  • A degree from the University of Auckland has international prestige.
  • You get to learn about something you really like. Some students get so involved they become experts in their chosen subject.
  • Physics offers you a rich and varied learning environment full of opportunities.

When to start?

Your university career starts in Year 11 at high school. Why? Three reasons:

  1. To make your start into an undergraduate degree in Physics easier you need to take the right courses in high school. Find more information on what to choose.
  2. You need to have a mix of Unit and Achievement Standards.
  3. Your high school work will be ranked on your Excellent, Merit and Achieved scores.

What you need to do

In case you have questions

If you have further questions please contact our advisers at the Science Student Centre.