Department of Physics

Undergraduate study options

Are you interested in mechanics, waves or quantum physics? What about meteorology and wind? Photons, fibre optics and telecommunications? The stars? Then you're someone who will get a lot out of physics. With a physics course you can plot a learning pathway to enter a career pathway that will take you places you've never been before.

  • Tertiary Foundation Certificate

    If you don't feel sufficiently prepared for studying Physics at university level, the Tertiary Foundation Certificate at University of Auckland will help you gain the skills and confidence you will need for successful study at tertiary level.

  • Undergraduate study in Physics

    Physics seeks to understand the basic properties of matter and energy and to use this knowledge to create new technologies and devices, explain the properties of complex systems and to model emergent phenomena.

  • Our courses

    Explore your undergraduate course options when you study with the Department of Physics. Find more information about our courses at undergraduate level (Stage I - III).

  • Undergraduate Prospectus

    Our 2019 Science Prospectus is available to find out more about studying physics at a undergraduate level.