Department of Physics

Meet our students

Our students have many interests and follow varied and exciting career paths after graduation. Meet some of our current students and graduates and find out their hopes for the future.

Bachelor of Science

Liam Quinn, BSc, Department of Physics
Liam Quinn

Liam Quinn

Liam Quinn is studying toward a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physics and Mathematics.

“I have always loved Physics and Mathematics, and would love to pursue a career in astrophysics or theoretical physics.

“I have a cousin who completed a degree at the University of Auckland and loved his time here. After hearing that the University is ranked* highly in New Zealand, I knew it was where I wanted to study.

“The thing I love most about the programme is working in a team with other like-minded students. In all of my subjects I have made friends who I spend time studying with outside of class.

"Working in a team for assignments, tutorials and in-class problems has been one of the greatest assets for my learning this year, not to mention being hugely enjoyable.

“It’s a bit too early on in my study to know exactly where I’ll end up. In an ideal situation, I will be involved in research or design with a large emphasis on physics or mathematics. However, considering this is my first year I know that there’s a lot of time for this to change.”



Caleb Gemmell, BSc, Department of Physics
Caleb Gemmell

Caleb Gemmell

Caleb Gemmell is studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physics and Mathematics.

“I’ve pretty much always wanted to be involved with science, just wanting to discover things. Areas such as Astrophysics and Quantum Physics is what I’m enjoying most at the moment.

"Since starting my degree, I’ve become interested in the idea of science as a whole, how it’s perceived by the public and how it can improve relations between the government, media and the scientific community.

“I am studying Physics and Maths with the hope of continuing my study into Postgraduate Study and eventually research.

"I was lucky enough to win the University of Auckland Scholarship which has helped my time studying at Auckland.”


Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Jonathan Simpson, BSc (Hons), Department of Physics
Jonathan Simpson

Jonathan Simpson

Jonathan Simpson is studying toward a Bachelor of Science (Honours) majoring in Geophysics.

“I’ve always had an interest in the natural environment and the physical processes operating within it - how volcanoes erupt, the mechanics and effects of earthquakes, and predicting the complex weather patterns around New Zealand.

"This is due to my enjoyment of studying science subjects in school (particularly physics and maths) and my love for spending time in the outdoors. Geophysics is the perfect subject for me to pursue, as it allowed me to study and describe the physical environment using mathematics and physics principles.

“Studying for a BSc in Geophysics has not only greatly increased my knowledge of this subject, but it has also allowed me to develop important skills such as critical thinking and software programming which can be applied in many different situations.

“In the short term, my BSc has set a strong platform for me to pursue further study in Geophysics.

"I hope to continue in postgraduate study and further enhance my knowledge and skills in this field. In the longer term, Geophysics offers a wide range of employment options in New Zealand and overseas, so I hope to be employed within one of the many industry roles or within a university as a researcher.”


Doctor of Philosophy

Ankita Gangotra, PhD, Department of Physics
Ankita Gangotra

Ankita Gangotra

Ankita Gangotra is studying toward a PhD in Physics.

“I decided to study at the University of Auckland because of the good reputation the University has.

“The interdisciplinary aspect of my project has great potential for research, which is fantastic, as I hope to work on independent research and eventually become an entrepreneur.

“I have an excellent supervisor who helps guide my research. As part of this department, I have made excellent friends and built networks.

"I also get to teach undergraduate laboratory courses, which I really enjoy.”