Department of Physics


What you need to know about postgraduate study options with the Department of Physics.

Postgraduate study overview


Entry requirements

  • Entry into a PGDipSci requires a BSc in Physics.
  • Entry into a BSc(Hons) requires a BSc in Physics with B average in 90 points at Stage III Physics.
  • Entry into a MSc requires a BSc(Hons) or a PGDipSci in Physics with relevant B- average.
  • Entry into a PhD requires a MSc (or in exceptional circumstances BSc(Hons)) in Physics.

Lectures at the postgraduate level include a variety of basic and specialised topics. The latter are closely related to the research interests and, therefore, MSc thesis topics in the department. These include aspects of:

  • theoretical physics
  • nuclear physics
  • laser physics
  • optoelectronics
  • nonlinear fibre optics
  • THz spectroscopy
  • adaptive optics
  • quantum optics
  • atmospheric and ionospheric physics
  • astrophysics
  • elementary particle physics

  • atom optics
  • optical metrology
  • biophotonics
  • theoretical biology
  • condensed matter physics
  • solid-earth physics
  • marine acoustics
  • remote sensing
  • signal processing
  • physics education

Thesis and dissertation topics should be arranged well in advance of the relevant semester. We recommend you talk directly with staff members who offer relevant topics. Enrolment in a thesis or dissertation will only be approved once the topic and the supervisor have been arranged.

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The Department of Physics has well equipped teaching and research laboratories with good technical support. Help is available for students from academic and technical staff at all times. The workshop staff are experienced in many aspects of mechanical and electronic construction.

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Help and advice


Honours/PGDipSci Coordinator

Dr David Krofcheck
Room 711, Science Centre
Building 303
38 Princes Street
City Campus
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 88897


PhD/MSc Coordinator

Associate Professor Nicola Gaston
Room 723, Science Centre
Building 303
38 Princes Street
City Campus
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 84427