Department of Physics

Bachelor of Science (Honours) (BSc(Hons))

You can study towards a Bachelor (Honours) in Science degree in Physics and Geophysics.

The BSc(Hons) can be either a full-time one-year course or two years part-time study, after you have completed the BSc requirements. A BSc (Hons) generally involves completing master's level courses and the submission of an honours dissertation.

After graduating with your BSc(Hons), you can choose to study for a master's degree (MSc). Students gaining First or Second Class First Division Honours may be eligible for direct entry to a doctorate (PhD).

The programme consists of 120 points at 700 level. It must include a dissertation or project of up to 45 points. Enrolment must be continuous and honours are calculated on the grades of all courses attempted with a maximum enrolment of 160 points.


BSc(Hons) in Physics


  • A major in Physics and at least 90 points at Stage III

Students who wish to take a BSc(Hons) in Physics must have attained at least a B average in 45 points above Stage II in the relevant subject major.


Programme Structure



BSc(Hons) in Medical Physics and Imaging Technology

Students who complete the BSc in Physics with a B average or higher in 45 points above Stage II are strongly encouraged to enrol in the BSc(Hons) in Medical physics and imaging technology.



  • A major in Physics and at least 90 points at Stage III



  • On top of the BSc in physics core papers, it is recommended to have taken: PHYSICS 280, 340, 325 and 326.
  • Additionally, students who have done the common year in science can complement their curriculum with these papers from the FHMS schedule: MEDSCI 205, 206 and 309.


Programme Structure

  •  45 points: PHYSICS 787
  • 60 points: MEDSCI 703, 737, PHYSICS 701, 780
  • 15 points from MEDSCI 701-740, PHYSICS 701-780, 791, 792

BSc(Hons) Geophysics


  • At least 90 points at Stage III including at least 45 points from GEOLOGY 361, GEOPHYS 330–339


  • 15 points from PHYSICS 731, 732
  • 30 points: GEOPHYS 789 Dissertation
  • 75 points from approved 700 level courses in Applied Mathematics, Geology, Geophysics or Physics