Department of Physics

Our staff

We have internationally recognised scholars that are committed to the University's mandate of producing high quality research and teaching.

Academic staff

Title Name Research Areas and Responsibilities Email Phone +64 9 373 7599
Prof Richard Easther Head of Department

Astronomy and astrophysics

High energy physics 81585
Prof Geoff Austin Geophysics and climate physics 88770
Prof Stuart Bradley Stage two organiser

Geophysics and climate physics

Acoustic 88886
A-Prof Neil Broderick Nonlinear optics, photons and laser physics 84434
Prof Howard Carmichael Quantum and atom optics 88899
A-Prof Stéphane Coen Nonlinear optics, photons and laser physics 88841
A-Prof Matthew Collett Quantum and atom optics 88837
Professional Teaching Fellow Mark Conway Stage one organiser 88864
Prof Roger Davies Geophysics and climate physics 88868
Prof Peter Derrick Biophysics and theoretical biology 87888
Dr John Eldridge
Astronomy and astrophysics
A-Prof Malcolm Grimson Condensed matter 88821
Prof John Harvey

Biophysics and theoretical biology

Nonlinear optics, photons and laser physics

Imaging, spectroscopy and metrology 88831
Prof Shaun Hendy Condensed matter 89936
Dr Maarten Hoogerland

Quantum and atom optics

Nonlinear optics, photons and laser physics

Imaging, spectroscopy and metrology 86291
Dr David Krofcheck

Stage four organiser

Postgraduate adviser (PGDipSci and BSc Hons)

High energy physics 88897
A-Prof Rainer Leonhardt

Postgraduate adviser (PhD and MSc)

Nonlinear optics, photons and laser physics

Imaging, spectroscopy and metrology 88835
Dr Stuart Murdoch Nonlinear optics, photons and laser physics 85871
A-Prof Scott Parkins Quantum and atom optics 86282
Dr Nicholas Rattenbury Astronomy and astrophysics 81224
Dr Cather Simpson

Biophysics and theoretical biology

Nonlinear optics, photons and laser physics

Imaging, spectroscopy and metrology 83525
A-Prof Craig Stevens Geophysics and climate physics  
Dr Frederique Vanholsbeeck

Biophysics and theoretical biology

Nonlinear optics, photons and laser physics 88881
Dr Lionel Watkins Imaging, spectroscopy and metrology 88878
Dr Kasper van Wijk Geophysics coordinator

Research student recruiting coordinator

Geophysics and climate physics

Acoustics 85754
Dr Geoffrey Willmott Research student recruiting coordinator

Condensed matter 89992
A-Prof Peter Wills Stage three organiser

Condensed matter

Biophysics and theoretical biology 88889
Professional Teaching Fellow Anna Yang Teaching laboratory organiser 88833
A-Prof Philip Yock

Astronomy and astrophysics

High energy physics 88867

Research fellows

Title Name Research Interest Email Phone +64 9 373 7599
Dr Grigor Aslanyan cosmology, numerical methods for cosmological data analysis 86283
Dr Grzegorz Beziuk

electronic circuits, electrical and electromagnetic methods in applied geophysics, electrical and electronic instrumentation and measurement methods, THz technique 88339
Dr Evgeny Bogomolny biomedical optics, FTIR spectroscopy 84709
Dr Miro Erkintalo nonlinear fiber optics, mode-locked fiber lasers, soliton dynamics, parametric processes, supercontinuum generation, passive ring resonators 85598
Dr Igor Filippov time-of-flight and quadrupole mass spectrometry, various ion formation techniques, proteomics and petroleomics, improvements in transfer efficiency of injection optics and the development of ion conveyor technology 86327
Dr Emad Al-Imarah biophysics, mass spectrometry, molecular nanoscience 86327 or 81320
Dr Dion O'Neale mathematical modeling of complex systems
Condensed matter 88832
Dr Richard Provo Laser physics 87145

Honorary staff

Name Research interest Email
Dr Claude Aguergaray nonlinear phenomena in optical fibre, self-similar propagation in fibre amplifiers and fibre laser for applications to optical telecommunication systems
A-Prof Paul Barker Nuclear physics, electromagnetic interaction
A-Prof Gary Bold Underwater acoustics, signal processing, electronics
Dr Barry Brennan Geophysics and climate physics
A-Prof Ronald Keam Theoretical study of model for bacterial colony growth; Theoretical study of the Solar Neutrinosphere; Theoretical studies of the Waimangu geothermal system; Monitoring of induced hydrothermal eruption potential (and historical studies of New Zealand geothermal region)
Dr Vladimir Kruglov theoretical physics, quantum and nonlinear optics, laser physics, Bose-Einstein condensation phenomena
Dr Graeme Putt Physics education
Dr David Robertson Geophysics
Dr Igor Shvarchuck Laser physics
A-Prof Chris Tindle Underwater acoustics

Professional staff

Name Position Email Phone +64 9 373 7599
Lynda Pitcaithly Department Manager (acting) ext 88854
John Antunovich Ardmore Field Station 2988033
Martin Brett Advanced teaching lab ext 88192
Florence Cabansag Financial administrator ext 88827
Murray Hollis Electronics workshop ext 87184
Aisha Khan Administrative assistant ext 88805
Lucy Mo Administrative assistant ext 88200
Harry Oudenhoven Electronics workshop ext 88883
Michael Parkinson Physics subject librarian ext 85858
Edwin Rogers Electronics workshop ext 88846
Denis Taylor Undergraduate teaching lab ext 88885