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Simon Ashforth 302.741 Femtosecond Laser Machining of Bone Tissue Cather Simpson
Logan Baber 303.512 Controlling the Amplitude and Phase profile of Ultrashort Optical Pulses Neil Broderick
Matheu Broom 303.724 Superhydrophobic surfaces:Symmetry, Splash and Stretch Geoff Willmott
Dylan Brown 303.724 Quantum gauge fields with interacting atoms Maarten Hoogerland
James Clarke 303.62 Deciphering volcanic seismic signatures from scaled laboratory models Kasper van Wijk
Martin Donachie 303.518 Gravitational Microlensing Returns from LSST Richard Easther
Nicholas Edkins 303.731 The influence of Cloud non-linearities on the global average temperature profile Roger Davies
Josiah Xan Ensing   Ambient seismic noise tomography of the Auckland volcanic field using cross-term empirical Rayleigh wave Green functions and empirical Love wave Green functions Kasper van Wijk
Ankita Gangotra 303.724 Nanoaspiration: Development & Applications Geoff Willmott
Anand George   Plasma-heated volume cusp ion sources Neil Broderick
James (Tom) Gilmour 303.714 The investigation of the superatomic properties of small transition metal clusters Nicola Gaston
Caspar Groiseau 303.614 Spinor Dynamics in many-body Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics Scott Parkins
Matthew Goodwin 303.514 Evaluating the potential of polarisation sensitive optical Frederique Vanholsbeeck
Thomas Haase 303.721 An Atomtronic Study of Two-Dimensional Transport in Disordered Waveguides Maarten Hoogerland
Ian Hendry 303.616 Dynamics and modelling of microresonator-based optical frequency combs Miro Erkintalo
Samuel Hitchman   Optical Detection of the Elastic and Anelastic Properties of HeterogeneousMaterials Kasper van Wijk
Peter Hosking 303.B40 Photonic sexing of bovine sperm cells on a microfluidic platform Cather Simpson
Khushboo Jhugroo Wellington (NIWA) The Biophysical Characterisation of a New Zealand Shelf Sea Area using Underwater Gliders. Craig Stevens
Tobin Jones 303.716 Time-of-flight mass spectrometry with RF electrodynamic fields. Neil Broderick
Hima Kavuri 303.727 Three-dimensional (3D) organic photovoltaic cells Geoff Willmott
Emily Kendall 303.514 Axion Dark Matter -- Theory and Computational Modeling Richard Easther
Bushra Khalil 303.721 The tunability of the electronic structure of 2D materials Nicola Gaston
Nicola Lacalendola 303.614 Nanomechanics of individual soft nanoparticles Geoff Willmott
Qaisar Latif 303.724 Novel Emergent Properties of Soft Matter Geoff Willmott
Man Cheung Alex Li 303.616 Eclipsing Binaries in the MOA-II Data Base Nicholas Rattenbury
James Loveday 303.614 New Optical Sensors for Geophysical Applications Neil Broderick
Lerh Feng Low 303.518 Random Functions and Early Universe Cosmology Richard Easther
Stuart Masson 303.614 Dissipative quantum phase transition for photons in the ultra-strong coupling regime. Scott Parkins
Ira Mautner   Investigation of energy transfer mechanisms in photosynthesis using time-resolved raman spectroscopy. Cather Simpson
 Liam McClelland 303.518 Effects of stellar rotation on post-main sequence evolution. Richard Easther
Alexander (Vivian) McPhail 303.512 Modelling nonlinear localised flat-band modes with spin-orbit coupling by Bose-Einstein condensates Maarten Hoogerland
Rebecca McPherson   Structure, dynamics and mixing processes in a buoyant river plume entering a fjord Craig Stevens
Dani Metin 303.714 First principles study of organometal halide perovskites; structural, phonon and electronic properties Nicola Gaston
Nathan Musoke 303.518 Inflationary Models: Observables and Viability Richard Easther
Alexander Nielsen 303.616 Novel sources of optical frequency combs Miro Erkintalo
Nikolett Nemet 303.616 Quantum control of atoms and light in optical cavities Scott Parkins
Adrian Ortiz Cervantes 303.626 The nature and implications of urban job networks Richard Easther
Robert Otupiri 303.512 Excitability and Q-switching of graphene mode-locked fibre lasers Neil Broderick
Fang (Rachel) Ou 303.514 Quantitative fluorescence studies of microbiological systems using an all-fibre spectroscopic system Frederique Vanholsbeeck
Santhosh Pandian 303.616 Polymer and Metallic Surfaces: Interfacing with Fluids and Soft Biomaterials (Experimental) Geoff Willmott
Alex Popinga 303.620     Peter Wills
Beatriz Reboredo Viso 303.721 Large-scale response to large-scale latent heating Gilles Bellon
Kannan Ridings 303.727 Thermal Properties of Networks of Metal Nonowires Shaun Hendy
Sina Safaei 303.614 Novel Emergent Properties of Soft Matter: Molecular Dynamics Study Geoff Willmott
Noel Sayson 303.512 Widely-Tunable Optical Microresonator Parametric Oscillators. Stuart Murdoch
Ashna Sharan   Microlensing Modelling using Nested Sampling Richard Easther
Catriona Sissons 303.721 The rise of open innovation: studying collaboration using a complex systems approach Shaun Hendy
Alexander Smith 303.622 Droplet Interactions with Complex Surfaces Shaun Hendy
Nishat Sultana 303.727 Addressing the issues around stability of organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite solar cells Nicola Gaston
Abi Thampi 303.512 Integrated optical sensors to predict food product quality Frederique Vanholsbeeck
Max Ulrich 303.721 Variability of precipitation over tropical islands Gilles Bellon
Magdalena Urbanska 303.514 Optical Coherence Elastography of the Vitreous Humour Frederique Vanholsbeeck
Demival Vasques Filho 303.620' Generative models for evolving social and economic networks Shaun Hendy
Dominik Vogt 303.514 Development and Characterization of Waveguides and Whispering-Gallery Mode Resonators for Terahertz Radiation Rainer Leonhardt
Yadong Wang   Temporal Cavity Soliton Dynamics in Passive Kerr Resonators Stuart Murdoch
Yinming Wu 303.727 Investigation of the effects of three-dimensionally structured surface on organic photovoltaics. Shaun Hendy
Joy Xu 303.727 Predicting the lattice structure of cluster-assembled materials for DFT-based calculations of electronic properties Nicola Gaston
Mykola Zlygostiev 303.514 Using  Optical  Coherence  Tomography to  detect  early  signs  of  chronic  diseases Frederique Vanholsbeeck