Droplet interactions with complex surfaces Event as iCalendar

15 March 2017

11am - 12pm

Venue: 303-PLT2

Speaker: Alex Smith, PhD Candidate, Department of Physics

Title: Droplet interactions with complex surfaces

Abstract: The surfaces of many plant leaves are superhydrophobic, a property that may have evolved to help keep the leaves clean by encouraging the beading and rolling of water droplets.

This superhydrophobicity stems from their hierarchical structure, a fact which has motivated the design of many biologically-inspired surface coatings over the past few decades. However, questions remain regarding the exact mechanics of liquid condensation, roll-off and motion on these surfaces.

The goal of my project is to use molecular dynamics (MD) methods to investigate how droplets form on, and roll off, hard and soft structured surfaces. These simulations will be compared with theory based in fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and polymer physics.

This talk will discuss the three areas of interest (condensation, roll-off, droplet motion) and use these as a springboard to present results from the first year of research.