AMP Ignite Award for Physics student

24 June 2016
Ankita Gangotra, proud recipient of the AMP Ignite award
Ankita Gangotra, proud recipient of the AMP Ignite award

PhD student Ankita Gangotra, from the Department of Physics, is the 2016 winner of the AMP Ignite competition.

As part of her application for the award, Ankita was required to prepare a presentation to translate her research about testing the mechanics of cells and exosomes using nanopipettes to see how they are impacted by a disease, in an entertaining way.

 “I first went for the 2 mentoring workshops organised by AMP and Edge Creative, which were very useful," says Ankita. "It was a privilege to pitch my PHD in front of so many people. Every one of the finalists were brilliant and I just feel so lucky to have won.”

AMP awarded Ankita $5,000 toward a personal scholarship and Ankita is ‘thrilled’ to have won ignite, especially because she is so early into her nanotechnology research. “I’m really enjoying my project; having an encouraging and supportive supervisor like Senior Lecturer Geoff Willmott, helps every step of the way,” says the talented scientist.

Watch Ankita’s AMP Ignite Award presentation

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