Department of Physics


  • Classroom seismograph to be installed in Christchurch school
    04 September 2014
    An earthquake monitoring device for schools will be installed at Rangi Ruru Girls’ School in Christchurch tomorrow as part of a University of Auckland outreach programme to show high school-aged students the wonders of science.
  • Recent funding round for Centres of Research Excellence
    09 May 2014
    The Tertiary Education Commission has today announced the results of the recent funding round for Centres of Research Excellence (CoREs).
  • New Dean of Science
    06 February 2014
    Professor John Hosking is appointed Dean of Science.
  • Cutting edge laboratory brings together physics, chemistry and biology
    17 July 2013
    Cutting edge technology from physics and chemistry will soon be available for research in biology and medicine, with the establishment of a new laboratory at The University of Auckland.
  • National award for teaching excellence
    10 July 2013
    Associate Professor Cather Simpson, of the School of Chemical Sciences and Department of Physics, is one of three top University of Auckland lecturers to have won 2013 national Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards.
  • Studying waves over astronomical distances
    08 July 2013
    Tiny pulses of light one billionth of a second apart, travelling further than from the Earth to Sun, were used in an exquisitely sensitive experiment at The University of Auckland to explore fundamental interactions between light and sound.
  • Interstellar limbo
    27 June 2013
    University astrophysicist Dr John Eldridge has won time on the Hubble Space Telescope.
  • High-tech agriculture
    04 June 2013
    Photon Factory discover a simple method for farmers to choose the sex of their animals
  • An excellent teacher
    06 May 2013
    Associate Professor Cather Simpson, who holds co-appointments in the School of Chemical Sciences and Department of Physics, received a 2012 Sustained Excellence in Teaching Award at the Science Faculty graduation ceremony today.
  • New technique to discover Earth-like planets
    04 April 2013
    Researchers at The University of Auckland have proposed a new method for finding Earth-like planets and they anticipate that the number will be in the order of 100 billion.
  • Top scientists receive sought-after awards
    19 November 2012
    The University of Auckland's Dr Jessie Jacobson and Dr Nicholas Rattenbury are amongst ten top researchers to receive prestigious Rutherford Discovery Fellowships.
  • Huge win for miniature manufacturing
    28 September 2012
    Manufacturing on a miniature scale has huge economic potential, and a team of researchers led by Dr Cather Simpson, Director of the Photon Factory, has won a major grant to transfer its high-tech research in this field to local companies.
  • Cloud changes may lower global temperature
    22 February 2012
    Research from The University of Auckland on changes in cloud height in the decade to 2010 has provided the first hint of a cooling mechanism that may be in play in the Earth’s climate.
  • Ultra-cool experiments test fundamental physics
    12 July 2011
    An Auckland scientist has tested one of the most fundamental theories in physics to such accuracy that theoretical physicists will now have to race to catch up with the experimental data.
  • Planetary wanderers
    19 May 2011
    “Free-floating” planets roaming interstellar space have been discovered by New Zealand and Japanese scientists, through a project co-established by university physicist Associate Professor Phil Yock.
  • Marsden fund supports science projects worth $3.1 million
    04 October 2010
    Seven research projects from the Faculty of Science were awarded a total of $3.1 million over the next three years in the 2010 Marsden Fund round.
  • Refurbishment of major science building
    13 September 2010
    Plans for the extensive refurbishment of Building 303, commonly known as the Maths/Physics Building, have been approved and work will begin this summer.
  • University welcomes Prime Minister’s future scientist prize-winner
    10 March 2010
    Physics undergraduate student Stanley Roache has been awarded the Prime Minister’s Future Scientist Prize for his groundbreaking discoveries about the physics of light.
  • New physics professor an authority on wind energy
    08 February 2010
    Stuart Bradley, Head of the Department of Physics, is one of eight associate professors at The University of Auckland to have been promoted to professor.