The lives and death throes of massive stars Event as iCalendar

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03 December 2016

12 - 3:30pm

Venue: The Science Centre, building 303, room G20

Cost: Free - all welcome

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Image of Wolf-Rayet star 124 with its surrounding nebula, formed from material lost from the star.
Wolf-Rayet star 124 and its surrounding nebula. In the next million years or sooner, the star will explode in a supernova, or form a black hole and vanish.

The lives and death throes of massive stars

Between 27 November and 2 December, over 180 astrophysicists will be meeting in Auckland to discuss the latest research on massive stars and their explosive deaths in supernovae. On Saturday 3 December the Department of Physics at the University of Auckland will be holding a public symposium to highlight some exciting research from the meeting as well as other fascinating aspects of astronomy. The talks will begin at 12pm and finish at approximately 3.30pm.

Please join the following guest speakers on Saturday 3 December:

  • 12-12.40pm: Dr Yaël Nazé from the University of Liège will discuss ancient astronomy.
  • 12.40-1.10pm: Dr JJ Eldridge from the University of Auckland will talk about the latest news about massive stars, their supernovae and their role in shaping the Universe.
  • 1.20-1.50pm: Ms Ylva Götberg, a PhD candidate from the University of Amsterdam, will present a talk on mysterious stars that we know exist but can't locate.
  • 1.50-2.20pm: Mr John Bray, a PhD candidate from the University of Auckland, will discuss neutron star kicks and mergers.
  • 2.20-2.50pm: Dr André-Nicolas Chené will explain how to see our Galaxy from outside without leaving Earth.

From 3-3.30pm there will be a special mystery guest who will talk about science fiction.  

For futher information please contact Dr JJ Eldridge or NZ Stars 2016