Department of Physics

Non-binding anonymous poll

Attendees at the 2018 Microlensing 22 - Reaching Out conference took part in an anonymous survey to indicate their preferences for the next conference in 2019. The results of that survey are below.

Preferred location

Where would you prefer the 23rd International Microlensing Conference to take place?


Most respondents preferred Peking University (Beijing, China) as the location for the next microlensing conference (35.7%).

Marginally fewer respondents preferred the Flatiron Institute (New York, USA) for the 2019 conference (32.1%).

Just under one-third of respondents were happy with either location (28.6%).

Preferred month

During what months of 2019 would you be able to attend a microlensing conference?


Most respondents said they would be able to attend a microlensing conference any month in 2019 (57.1%).

However, the most popular selected month for attending a microlensing conference was January (32.1%).

This was followed by February, April or November - preferred by 25% of respondents equally.

Number of conference you could attend

How many microlensing conferences would you realistically be able to attend in 2019?


More than half of the respondents said they could only attend one microlensing conference in 2019 (67.9%).

Just under one-third of respondents said they could attend two microlensing conferences in 2019 (28.6%).

Less than 4% of respondents said they could attend 3 or more microlensing conferences in 2019.